Issue 3.2, Spring 2014-Now Available

Issue 3.2   Spring 2014
Issue 3.2 Spring 2014

It’s with great excitement we unveil our latest issue. As always we were humbled by the breadth and quality of the work we received and it’s an honor to publish the work by these writers, including new work by Dr. Terry Wahls and many other fine works. Here’s the Table of contents. To order a single issue or to subscribe, visit our subscription page

Fiction //////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Sally Franson // Good Cause

Flavian Mark Lupinetti // A Gem Too Bright

Kelly Bryan // Evelyn and the Wooden Apple 

Matthew Dexter // Sinking the Submarine 

Nonfiction /////////////////////////////////////////////////

Dana Robbins // The Embodiment

Judith Gille // The Girl in the Doorway

Rachel Hammer // When Grief Comes to You as a Purple Gorilla

Sheila K. Collins // A Guy Thing

Terry Wahls // A Tale of Two Ears

Patricia McTiernan // Fragile

Lana Godlewski // Musings on Earwax

RL Gonzalez Del Valle // Night Music

Cathy A. Beres // Spontaneous Rupture, Revisited 

Poetry ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Diana Whitney // Summer Injury 

Elizabeth Alexandra // The Museum of Innocence 

Matthew Andersson // Zurich 

Jill Siebers // You Ask

Doug Hester // The Walk

Kristin G. Kelly // Postpartum Depression, Final Report 

Cary Ann Siegfried // Afternoon Sestina

Dana Robbins // Gratitude 

Brenda Butka // Cardiac Cath

Marty Glenn Taylor // Christmas 2013

Ramona McCallum // Dressing Room

Delia Ralston // Elegy

Sadaf Qureshi // Locked In 

Diana Whitney // Outer Heron

Irène Mathieu // Symptoms 

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