Examined Life Conference releases call for presentations

Greetings all, 
It’s that time again: I’m here here to make a few announcements and to open the call for presentations for the 2012 Examined Life: Writing and the Art of Medicine conference.
We had a great conference last year, my first as director, and I hope we can keep the energy going. I was so excited about how things went. The breadth of discussion and the openness of everyone who participated contributed to a very special atmosphere. I can’t wait for this year’s events.
Speaking of which, I’d like to announce that this year’s featured speaker will be 2011-2012 Poet Laureate of the United States Philip Levine. In addition to this most recent honor, Levine is also a Pultizer Prize and National Book Award winner. The New York Times has said,  “What gives Levine’s work its urgency is that impulse to commemorate, the need to restore to life people who were never, despite their deadening work, dead things themselves, and who deserve to be rescued from the longer death of being forgotten.” Needless to say, we are extremely excited to have him and his presentation will be an amazing foundation to build the conference around.
In addition to Mr. Levine, the conference will include feature presentations from David Watts, MD, physician and writer, and Nellie Hermann, writer and lecturer for Columbia University’s Narrative Medicine program.
We’ve just released the Call for Presentationsavailable from our website.  We’re interested in any presentations that explore the intersections between creative or reflective writing and medicine-to get an idea of the breadth and range of past successful submissions, visit the archive page and the previous years’ programs listed there.
Thanks again for all the support over the years. Let’s make 2012 special.

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