Call For Submissions Open and Issue No. 5.2 Publication

Hello, everyone.

Hope your Spring has gotten under way nicely. It’s been a relatively mild winter out here in Iowa, but we’re still happy to see the perennials poking through again.

Speaking of perennials, our Spring 2017 issue, number 5.2, is making its way through the production process and we hope to have it on shelves and in the mail by late April or early May. I know it feels like it takes forever from close of submissions to publication, but it takes a lot of time and collaboration to put together a quality journal and that’s what we try to do every single time we publish. Thank for your patience, support and understanding. We really enjoying bringing this work to you.

In the spirit of continuing that journey toward quality, we have officially opened our submissions for the Fall 2017 issue, which will be published in concert with the 2017 Examined Life Conference, which will be held October 12-14, 2017, with pre-conference workshops on the preceding 2 days. If you’d like to know more and be notified as the conference approaches, please visit the website at

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