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The Examined Life Journal’s 2021 edition includes more than 380 pages of great writing from healthcare professionals, students, patients, and family members:

Dana Josslin, Confessions of a Failed Badass, (NONFICTION)
Christina Robertson, A Lesson for Pilgrims and Saviors, (FICTION)
Carol Barrett, The Sign, (POETRY)
Wendy Hind, The Golden Repair, (POETRY)
Mary Anne Moisan, We Are Whole, (NONFICTION)
Beverly J. Orth, Downsizing, (NONFICTION)
Lindsay Rutherford, A Place in the Room, (NONFICTION)
Joy Cutler, Backyard Friends, (NONFICTION)
Daniel Becker, Metrics/Of all the Vaccine tents in all the world, (POETRY)
Joel Savishinsky, Viral Load, (POETRY)
Daniel Becker, The Fox on the Patio, (POETRY)
Elizabeth A. Fleming, On Masking, (NONFICTION)
Laura Wisniewski, The Penny, (FICTION)
Joel Savishinsky, Breathing Lesson, (POETRY)
Lee Kravitz, The Canonization of Saint Roch, (POETRY)
Michelle Nicolaysen, Complications of Labor, (NONFICTION)
John Van Kirk, Iron, (NONFICTION)
dl mattila, Footfall, (POETRY)
Elise Donovan, Celia Unburdened, (FICTION)
Judith Terzi, Valentine, (POETRY)
Jennifer Pierce, Knitting and Healing, (NONFICTION)
James Nikopoulos, Bent Double, (NONFICTION)
Lila Flavin, Goodbye stethoscope, (NONFICTION)
Ron Lands, Nightcall, (POETRY)
Anna Dovre, How to Wash A Speculum, (NONFICTION)
Cristine Milton, Ghostriding the Ganges, (NONFICTION)
Alanna Shaikh, Pnom Penh, (POETRY)
William Blair, El Cuarto de Los Temblores, (NONFICTION)
Kathryn Paul, The Minotaur Awaits, (POETRY)
Laura Hope-Gill, Blood Story, (NONFICTION)
Jack Coulehan, Survey Results, (POETRY)
Lucia Gagliese, The Girl Who Could Not Grow a Beard, (FICTION)
Jack Coulehan, The Last Cheap Comfort, (POETRY)
Joan Hofmann, What was the Scariest Part?, (POETRY)
Patricia Foster, Dragon, (FICTION)
Ryan McAdams, The Brothers, (NONFICTION)
John Willson, Summer Maintenance, (POETRY)
Arcadia Maria, I was Ten, (POETRY)
Kristine Muñoz, Wheels, (NONFICTION)
Delia Ralston, cpap Fractals, (POETRY)
Hanna Saltzman, Inside the Mind of a Medical Student failing
the process of acculturation in PICU, NON(FICTION)
Wendy Tong, Differences Aside, (NONFICTION)
John Beck, The Hospital Administrator, (POETRY)
Alanna Shaikh, Funeral, (POETRY)
Shannon Arntfield, The Woman Beneath the sheet, (POETRY)
Vicki Forman, Who Will Dress the Body, (NONFICTION)
Joe Fenn, What it is like to Hear Nothing, (NONFICTION)
Veneta Masson, Death Panel, (POETRY)
Karin Gordon, Adrift, (POETRY)
Joanna White, The Deer, (POETRY)
Paula Mathieu, Hand in Glove, (NONFICTION)
Jeanne Allison, Nighttime, (POETRY)
Marcia Pradzinski, Wordless, (POETRY)
Rondalyn Whitney, Time is a Fluid, (NONFICTION)
Aviya Lanis, Dead Space, (POETRY)
Tamara Nicholl-Smith, Kale Love, (POETRY)
Dan Waters, 6 Thoughts Following a Heart Attack, (POETRY)
Patricia Foster, Our Stroke: The Sound of Leaves Touching
Each Other, (NONFICTION)
Sarah Ziegenhorn, The Geography of Memory and Loss, (NONFICTION)
Claire Castaneda, Unit Purgatory, (NONFICTION)
Jessica De Haan, Pandemic Parenting During Med School: A Case for
Flexibility, (NONFICTION)