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The Examined Life Journal’s 2020 edition includes 289 pages of great writing from healthcare professionals, students, patients, and family members. Preview it in this sampler, which includes:

  • Michael McGuire, “Cracked, but not Broken” (FICTION)
  • Maureen Neal, “This is a Fine Place We’ve Come To” (NONFICTION)
  • Linnet Drury, “The Statistics and the Silence” (POETRY)
  • Katy Giebenhain, “This Morning Two Policers” (POETRY)
  • Philip DiGiacomo, “My Bird Bill” (FICTION)
  • Tamara Nicholl-Smith, “Front Porch on a Rainy Afternoon” (POETRY)
  • Erik Carlson, “What You Missed That Day You Were Absent from Medical School” (POETRY)
  • Travis Stephens, “Son Worrying About Down South” (POETRY)
  • Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg, “What the Mostly Blind Eye Sees” (POETRY)
  • Liana Meffert, “Short Coat Sonnet” (POETRY)
  • Richard Kravitz, “A Long-term Patient Leaves a Veterans Hospital” (POETRY)
  • Sheri Reda, “Trapped Bird, Locked Door” (POETRY)
  • Gail Goepfert, “After Video-Touring the Brooklyn Japanese Garden During the Time of the Virus” (POETRY)
  • David Correll, “For Ever and Ever, Kaboom” (NONFICTION)
  • Rana Awdish, “The Aviary” (NONFICTION)
  • Katharine Marsden, “Awful Grace: Reflections” (BOWMAN CONTEST WINNER)
  • Liana Meffert, “Vietnam Surgeon” (BOWMAN CONTEST WINNER)